Arngask Primary School

             A very warm welcome back to Primary 6 and 7!

Interdisciplinary Topic

Arngask Primary are continuing to follow the three year rolling programme for the contexts for learning (Topics) which was implemented last year. This year, P6/7 will be covering the following contexts.

Term 1 – Life on Earth. This will cover a variety of learning experiences such as the water cycle, weather, microorganisms, ecosystems and sustainability.

Term 2 - My body.

Term 3 - Solids, Liquids and Gases.

Term 4 - Egyptians

In conjunction with my taught lessons, Learning Zones will take place each morning from 9-9:30. The learning zones focus on the development of social skills, communication, self-esteem and generally allow for the children to learn how to get on well together with minimal adult intervention. The learning zones are also an opportunity for children to explore further their contexts for learning. If you have resources which would enhance our learning of topics from term to term, P6-7 would appreciate the opportunity to borrow them. These may be books, artefacts, models, equipment and/or leaflets.


Could you please ensure that you have checked that your child’s P.E. kit fits and that they have everything they need for an indoor and outdoor P.E. kit i.e. shorts, t-shirt, socks, gym shoes/trainers, tracksuit bottoms/leggings and a jumper. The class will have P.E. either on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon. This will alternate week to week to make good use of sports equipment for all classes. Please make sure your child has their full kit on both days. Children have permission to wear their P.E. kit home on Monday or Tuesday so that it can be washed ready for the following week.

Classroom Charter/ School Rules

At Arngask Primary we have three school rules. To be safe, be ready and be respectful. These are the classroom rules too. The children discussed that being safe means to use kind hands and words, walk sensibly around the school and recognise, assess and manage risk accordingly. To be ready means to be organised, follow instructions the first time, listen during teaching time and to be prepared for challenges in learning. To be respectful means to listen to others, to recognise others strengths, help others when they need it and importantly demonstrate manners at all times.

Classroom System

Within the P6/7 classroom, we have a system where good choices are recognised and encouraged. We have the 6 in a row system in which good choices are recognised by earning numbers on a hundred square. The aim is for the children to get 6 numbers in a row. Once this is achieved, children earn 15 minutes of recognition time where their good choices are rewarded. Children vote on their reward and everyone participates. The system teaches about team work.

My door is always open so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.      

Miss S Hogg