A very warm welcome to Primary 1 and a warm welcome back to Primary 2!

Classroom Charter/ School Rules

At Arngask Primary we have three school rules. To be safe, be ready and be respectful. These are the classroom rules too. The children discussed that being safe means to use kind hands and words, walk sensibly around the school and recognise, assess and manage risk accordingly. To be ready means to be organized, follow instructions the first time, listen during teaching time and to be prepared for challenges in learning. To be respectful means to listen to others, to recognise others strengths, help others when they need it and importantly demonstrate manners at all times.

Classroom System

Within the P1/2 classroom, we have a system where good choices are recognised and encouraged. We have a table points system where good choices are recognized by earning smiley face tokens. The aim is for the children to get as many as possible and the table with the most tokens earns a reward. The system fosters team work and by varying the criteria, it enables opportunities for every child to gain tokens throughout the week.

Interdisciplinary Topic

Arngask Primary are continuing to follow the three year rolling program for the contexts for learning (Topics) which was implemented last year. This year, 1/2 will be covering the following contexts.

Term 1 – Mini Beasts

Term 2 - Enterprise

Term 3 – Weather and Water

Term 4 - Materials



Could you please ensure that you have checked that your child has everything they need for indoor and outdoor P.E. i.e. shorts, t-shirt, socks, gym shoes/trainers, tracksuit bottoms/leggings and a jumper. The class will have P.E. on a Thursday afternoon. Please make sure your child has their full kit on this day.

Ways that you can help at home this term

  1. Practice number and letter formation with your child (writing in sand, pasta, painting etc.)
  2. Read often with your child
  3. Play games practicing taking turns and sharing
  4. Talk about different insects through reading stories, sharing experiences or watching films/clips.

My door is always open so please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Miss C MacNicol