Nursery News

Monday 10th February 2020

We are well into our topic of vehicles of transport and the children have explored cars, trucks, hot air balloons and planes. We are hoping to have visits from the community police officer in the next couple of weeks which will allow us to explore how his car works and all the special features it has. We are also arranging to have a visit from a fire engine and an ambulance to further develop our learning. 

A reminder that Wednesday the 12th February is an in-service day, and Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th are holidays.

Last week, the children performed our Scottish Poems to Mrs Miller and a judge and the children all did an amazing job!


Tuesday 19th November


**Dates for your diary**

Thursday 21st and 28th November- Rugby Tots taster session in the school hall 10.30-11.15am. For children who attend on a Thursday morning, please ensure they have appropriate footwear for running activities.

Monday 2nd December- Christmas card postbox which will be available for 2 weeks.

Thursday 5th December- Christmas Jumper/T-shirt swap shop.

Friday 6th December- Enterprise Fayre 2-3.30pm in the school hall. This allows parents/carers a last chance to purchase the children’s enterprise creations.

Tuesday 10th December- Sleeping Beauty Pantomime at the Village Hall. If your child attends on a Tuesday afternoon, they will be walked down to the hall for the performance. If your child does not attend this session they are invited to meet us at the breakout room in the Village hall for 1.15pm and be collected at 3pm at the hall.

Thursday 12th December- Christmas Lunch. Children who stay for lunch on a Thursday will be able to choose from the Christmas lunch menu.

Thursday 12th December- Christmas Jumper day. Children can attend nursery wearing a Christmas jumper.

Thursday 12th December- Stay + Play Christmas Session 10am-12pm. This session allows parents to join us for some Christmas crafts, singing and other exciting activities. Please let us know in advance if you will be attending.

Wednesday 18th December- Christmas Service 10am at the Church. The nursery children will be singing a song at the start of the service if you wish to attend. We will be walking from the nursery to the church so if any parents would like to assist then please let us know.

Thursday 19th December- Nursery Christmas Party. All children are invited to the nursery Christmas party at 9am. Parents are invited to join us at 11.45am for a Christmas singalong.

Friday 20th December- Nursery and School shuts at 12noon for Christmas holidays.

Monday 6th January - School and Nursery return.


Monday 11th November

We have had a busy couple of weeks encouraging the children to use and develop their curiosity and imagination through a number of sensory opportunities within the nursery. The children used their senses to describe a pumpkin which we carved for Halloween and also developed their fine motor skills whilst using mashers in the slime tray. The children have also been exploring everyday materials such as pasta, beans and seeds and have been doing lots of mixing, pouring and scooping with a variety of different resources whilst trying to hunt for the letters to make their name.  

We had a number of parents join us for our extended stay and play session which focused on our newly developing autumn topic which began with the story “The Stickman.” The children have been talking about the leaves falling from the trees on the pitch when we have been doing our daily mile, so on this stay and play session we decided to take it a step further and explore the woods. This allowed the children to explore the area for a variety of resources that could be used back in nursery. One of the main uses for the sticks and leaves was at the art area, which resulted in a number of stickmen pictures and ‘leaf creatures’ which we have displayed in the nursery. They look fab!
We hope to have at least another 1 extended stay and play session before the busy Christmas period and will notify you via seesaw when this is arranged. 

The weather is starting to get much colder now and as we venture outside in all weathers please ensure your child has warm clothing such as hat and gloves and footwear for both indoors and outside play.

This week is a short week with both Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th November being inservice days. 


October 19’
Most parents in the survey about how we share your child's learning want to keep both Learning Journey Jotters and Seesaw.

Staff will continue to use both and well as Learning Floorbooks.  The floorbooks capture learning taking place showing how the children's ideas are encouraged and extended.  You are welcome to look at the floorbooks at anytime.


Monday 30th September

As we approach the October holidays, may we remind you that Friday 4th October is an in-service day. We have 2 weeks holiday and return on Monday 21st October.


The Nursery staff are taking part in a training programme that involves curiosity and different sensory experiences throughout the nursery and it has been suggested that we make our own nursery collection of mashers, which can be used in the paint, play dough and in the mud kitchen. If you have any mashers you would like to donate we would be very grateful. We are also looking out for unique and interesting spoons!


Just a reminder to let us know if you will be attending our new stay and play session on Tuesday 29 October 10am-12pm so that we know if we will have enough parents for it to go ahead.  Siblings are welcome to come along too.


As the weather starts to become much cooler, please ensure your child has a warm coat at Nursery as we try to get outdoors whatever the weather! A pair of wellies in the child’s shoe box is also helpful if the children choose to explore the grass area, whilst taking part in our daily mile, which is normally wet.


Please ensure you have returned your child’s All About Me booklet as we use this as a guide when making individual targets for each child and it provides us with information regarding their milestones. 

Hope you all have a super break when it comes, The Nursery Team :)  


Monday 9th September 2019

It is great to have all the children, both returners and new starts, settle back into the nursery routine. As your child may have told you, we are starting to explore space. Thank you to everyone who kindly brought in cardboard boxes as the children have spent the last couple of days at nursery blasting off to space in our HUGE space rocket. We also have a large supply of junk to continue to make small rockets.

We have made some changes in the cloakroom at Nursery to allow all parents/carers to be able to see the children’s learning, so we will now have our developing space floorbook displayed on the wall. The other floorbooks can be available to look at during stay and play sessions if you are interested.

Stay and play sessions continue to be on Tuesday 1-2pm and Thursday 9-10am and we are hoping to introduce a new session every term which will allow parents/carers to come in and take part in seasonal/topic relevant activities with their child. More information to follow in the upcoming weeks.

The weather is still very wet so please ensure you child has appropriate clothing (wellies and a warm waterproof jacket), especially as we are now taking part in the ‘Daily Mile’ which we do up on the grass football pitch. We are also very lucky to have a new mud kitchen area thanks to Mrs Reid’s super creative skills. The children have spent a lot of time making mud pies and chocolate puddings for all their friends. Yummy! 


Friday 21st June 2019

A little reminder about events next week!

** On Wednesday we have our Nursery party in the morning, all Nursery children are invited and party clothes can be worn! (Children who attend on a Wednesday afternoon can attend Nursery in the morning instead so they can be part of this) Parents of the pre school children are invited to join us at 11.30am for a short presentation. The party will finish at the normal time of 12.12pm. Please let us know if your child will be attending.

**On Thursday there is a School assembly at the village hall at 10am. All parents and siblings are welcome to come along and watch.

**On Friday the School and Nursery will close at 12 noon.

**Please make sure you have handed any library books back before the end of term.

**Lastly, please ensure you have taken home all of your child's belonging at their pegs and in their shoe boxes so the cleaner can clean these for coming back.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend, The Nursery Team. :)


Sunday 16th June 2019

The last few weeks have been full of transitioning opportunities for the Preschool children, experiencing lunch in the Dining Hall with their family and joining the Primary 1/2 class for a variety of activities and story times. On Wednesday 19th, they will be in the P1/2 class until the end of break time.  

On Friday the Nursery children took part in the School Sports Day and it was fantastic to see so many children take part in the races and have such a good support from families!

This week, we have our fingers crossed for warm and dry weather so we can enjoy our Teddy Bears Picnic which is taking place on Wednesday 19th on the school pitch from 11.30am. This invite is also open to families who have children starting after the holidays. Please bring your picnic, something to sit on and a Teddy!

 If the weather is not great and we have to reschedule, we will notify you on seesaw and the newsletter as soon as we can so please keep an eye out.

This week will be our last Stay and Play sessions before we finish the term. Please feel free to come along to explore the nursery and look through our floorbooks containing the children’s learning. The sessions are Tuesday 1-2pm and Thursday 9-10am.

Lastly, School and Nursery reports went out on Friday so please make sure to check your child’s tray and we hope you enjoy reading about your child’s learning in Nursery.

Thank you, Nursery Team.


Wednesday 5th June

The last couple of weeks, the children have been busy planting both indoors and outside in the nursery garden. Some of the vegetables that they are growing include peas, tomatoes and cress and we also have sweet peas, beans and sunflowers growing outside. The children are always checking on them and are being very responsible helpers by keeping them well watered. 

Hopefully you will have noticed that we have been decorating the trees outside with different craft ideas to brighten up the garden and we will continue this. The painted stones are looking fab and we have a number of budding artists. Thank you to everyone who brought some in for the children to paint :) 

We have pulled the wooden kitchen out from the shed to allow the children to have easier access to the mud kitchen so please ensure you child has wellies if they wish to play in the mud or with water as they tend to get quite muddy. We also have the waterproof suits that we strongly encourage them to wear if they would like to choose to play in this area. 

The last couple of weeks have seen a number of different parents and younger siblings attending our Stay and Play sessions and this has been super! A reminder that these sessions are Tuesday afternoons 1-2pm and Thursday mornings 9-10am. All parents and siblings are welcome and we strongly encourage any parents who have children starting nursery after the holidays to attend so they can become familiar with the nursery area and allow an easier transition. 

We are well into our topic of planting and growing and our nursery supermarket continues to be a huge hit for daily shoppers! The children have explored many different materials within the shop and this lead on to discussions about recycling and the environment around us. The children have also sorted foods into being healthy and unhealthy and are showing great interest of healthy foods with the growing of their vegetables which we will hopefully have the chance to eat at snack! We also hope to have a visit to the village shop to see what is up for sale in the local area. 

Lastly, a little reminder that all preschool children will be in Primary 1 on Friday morning and will get to meet their class teacher. This will involve them going out for break time accompanied by their P6 buddies. We will also be continuing with transitioning which involves baking, story times and free flow play. 


Sunday 12th May 2019

Last week we continued our learning about plants and have planted some pansy’s in re-used milk cartons and have made a number line on our fence. We have also planted some sweet peas and other flowers to attract butterflies to our garden and the children can be responsible helpers, ensuring these are kept well-watered.



Following on from reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk, the children asked if they could plant their own beans and these are on display in the nursery and can be seen hanging up on the windows. We will continue to watch the shoots grow and talk about the process involved. 

The children have expressed their interests in carrying out more experiments in Nursery so we are carrying out one that involves looking at the importance of hand washing and good hygiene. We have used 3 pieces of white bread and placed them in 3 different bags. One was done using gloves, one having had clean hands touch it and the last having all the nursery children touch it. These have been hung up in the nursery and the children can watch them to see what happens!


Thanks to everyone who helped us review our Nursery Aims. 

Please click on the link to view our aims and the preferred choice of displaying them:

our Nursery Aims Please complete the questionnaire to help us review our planning for this session and to plan for 2019-2020.  Click here for the survey.  A paper copy is in your child's tray.


**Glenfarg Fete**

Glenfarg Fete organisers are looking for people to help run the bouncy castle for 30 minute slots on Saturday the 8th June 1-5pm. If you can help out please get in touch with Alison Grant or Emma Mackie. Thank you.


Tuesday 16th April 2019 

Welcome back everyone! Hope you all had a lovely break :)

Tayside Contracts have updated the School and Nursery Lunch Menu's so a copy of the Nursery version has been put in every child's tray to take home (even if your child does not stay for lunch this term their sessions may change after the summer.) 


Questionnaires have been sent out to parents who's child is born between 01.03.2014 - 28.02.2015 as this means the child is illegible for getting their eyes tested before they start Primary School. This includes any children who may also be deferring. This will be happening on Wednesday 1st May at 9:15am. the questionnire must be returned to Nursery to allow us to know whether you consent to this or not. If you have any questions please speak to a member of staff.

We welcome Mr Mark Ballingall to our Nursery Team. He is a Play Assistant and will be involved in the Nursery lunches and work alongside Mrs Reid in the afternoons. :)


Monday 25th March 2019

As we approach the Easter Holidays we will sadly be saying goodbye to Mrs Lornie who has been a very loved member of staff throughout both Nursery and School and she will be greatly missed. We wish her all the best at her new Nursery :)

We have be continuing with our exploration of dinosaurs both indoors and outside. The children have developed their numeracy skills when measuring some large dinosaur footprints against their own bodies and with measuring tapes, and working out how many hands can fit inside the footprint. They also used their detective skills to find some footprints in the outdoor area after some of the dinosaur eggs they made hatched. 




Monday 18th March 2019

*Thursday Morning Parent Stay & Play Session 9-10am*

*Tuesday Afternoon Parent Stay & Play Session 1-2pm*

This is just a reminder that these sessions are for all parents with children at nursery. These sessions can be used for having a look at the changes made to the nursery environment, speak to staff about any queries or questions you may have, have a look through your child's work or just have a play with your child. You are welcome to come and go as you please. Grandparents/carers are also welcome 😊

As we approach the Easter Holidays, can we kindly ask that all of the red number bags and blue rhyming bags are returned before the holidays. After the holidays we are hoping to have a library service which would allow the children to choose a book they would like to take home from the nursery and it can be changed every week.

Over the next 2 weeks we will continue our exploration of our topic Dinosaurs and will continue to make fossils and move on to making bones. At the Art table we will be providing a wide range of resources to allow the children to have the chance to make a Mothers Day card if they would like to do.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, The Nursery Team :)



Please complete the short survey by clicking on the link below to review our nursery aims:

Thank you for your support.

Sunday 27th January 

A reminder that Learning Journey Jotters go home this week, this is a super opportunity to sit with you your child and reflect on their learning. Please feel free to add their comments throughout it and we also appreciate feedback and a signature on the back page. Thank you 

There have been a number of children from both school and nursery off with sickness bugs and other illnesses so we strongly encourage all parents to please ensure your child is 100% well before returning them to nursery as this decreases the risk of the bugs being spread. 

Lastly, please also ensure your child is provided with suitable outdoor footwear, wellies are a great option as the child can also put them on by themselves, a hat and often gloves as the weather is currently very cold and the children are enjoying exploring the mud kitchen area of the nursery which can be very messy if there has been wet weather! 


Thursday 10th January 

Registration for children eligible to start school in August opens w/c Monday 14th January. Registration forms are in eligible children's trays. Please complete and return to the school office as soon as possible with the relevant documentation stated on the form.

Applications for children's Nursery places for 2019/20 begins on Monday 21st January until Friday 15th February. Forms will be available from Nursery and the PKC website. Forms can be returned to either Nursery or the school office.    ALL children returning to Nursery must reapply for their place.

Learning Journey Jotters will go home on Monday 28th January for you to look over and enjoy. Please sign and comment on the back page when you return the Jotter.

Parent Contact sessions will be offered w/c 4th February. A variety of times and dates will be available and a notice posted on our cloakroom noticeboard the week before to allow you to choose a slot. This is not compulsory but a good opportunity for you to discuss your child's progress.


Our focus for Term Three Session 2018-2019

Leadership of learning


  • children complete daily risk assessments
  • children lead the use of floor books to plan and evaluate their learning
  • children have responsibility for setting up and reviewing of joint nursery and P1/2 area
  • children are able to talk about the skills they are using in their for learning

 Developing play

    • outcomes:
  • daily free-flow indoor/outdoor play enabling children to choose where they learn
  • Loose Parts play inside and outside
  • Play promoting numeracy
  • Staff engagement with children to extend and support play 


Friday 21st December 2018

All the Nursery team wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we hope Santa is good to you all! Nursery re-opens on Monday the 7th January 2019 and we look forward to seeing you all after a well deserved holiday.

Stay and Play resumes on the second week; Tuesday the 15th January 1pm-2pm and Thursday 17th 9am-10am. The Parent Group will also resume on the 15th at 11am and all parents/carers are welcome to come along for a cuppa and a chat.

After the holidays, our Gym session with Mrs Gordon will be changing to a Tuesday morning so please ensure you child has appropriate footwear to participate in this. Please also make sure your child has a warm waterproof coat for outdoor play.

Thank you, The Nursery Team.


Monday 10th December

The Christmas spirit is well under way and we are making good progress practising our songs for the party! This week we have resources available for the children to make Christmas cards, which is their choice and will have other arts and crafts available too! The children have been talking about the frost on the ground and exploring the ice in the tyres and we will continue to explore this before and after the approaching holidays.

There will be NO Parent Group this week but it will resume as normal after Christmas, everyone is welcome to join for a cuppa and a chat. 

Lastly, as it is the last week next week and we have a very busy schedule planned, there will be no Stay and Play sessions but this will also resume the second week back after the holidays.



Monday 3rd December

The Christmas tree and decorations are up and the fun has started! Today we were introducing Christmas songs and will continue to learn these until our party on 19th December. We are going to be singing:

When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney, Jingle Bells, Rudloph the Red Nosed Reindeer, We Wish you a Merry Christmas

If you are able to sing these songs with your child to support their learning we would be grateful. There is a note in each child's tray with details of all the activities children can participate in on the run up to Christmas.

If you have not paid any snack/fund money onto your Parentpay account we would gently remind you this is due. This term the cost is £18 for 9 weeks. We hope to return to a fuller menu in the New Year, funds permitting.

We are glad to see the children are using the Story Sacks and you are enjoying reading to them. When you return them please ensure you give the sack to a member of staff to ensure your child gets a new sack. If they are left on the peg we aren't sure if it's been looked at.

As mentioned previously, Parent Contact sessions will be early next year. If you have any questions please speak to staff.


Friday 23th November

This week in nursery we have been talking about both human and animals babies, and we would like to progress this by making a wall display in the nursery so it would be great if you could provide a baby photo of your child to put on this display. Baby pet photos are also welcome!

The Parent group is NOT on next Tuesday, 27th November as Mrs Thomson will be out of nursery. It will resume the following Tuesday, 4th December  at 11am and everyone is welcome to join for a cuppa and a chat!

The snack menu for this week and the next few weeks until the Christmas break is as follows;

                                   Morning                                            Afternoon

Monday                 Breadsticks                                               Cereal

Tuesday                Toast                                                      Breadsticks

Wednesday           Cheese sandwiches                                  Crackers

Thursday               Cereal                                                     Toast

Friday                  Crackers                                                  Fruit platter

This will also include fresh fruit and vegetables daily. 


Tuesday 20th November

All the children have a story sack on their peg in the cloakroom. Take these home and enjoy reading the stories with your child. Please return each week, preferably at the start of your child's week in Nursery. We'll help your child choose another to take home once they return each story sack. We're sure you will enjoy this home/Nursery link.

On Monday 26th November we invite you to come along to Nursery at 11.45am to enjoy Story Time with your child. You can select a book to read with your child or join in with one of the small groups  reading stories.

Please ensure your child has a warm coat, gloves and hat for outdoor play. It's getting chilly!

We are delighted that 16 children are participating in Seesaw. The children still use their Learning Journey Jotters but the bulk of their learning is recorded on Seesaw. It's a great resource and staff enjoy having contact with parents throughout the day. The children love using Seesaw and adding their own comments etc.

We are busy learning about babies, both human and animal. If you can give us a photo of your child as a baby we can add it to our wall display. Pet photos are welcome too! Come in and look at our wall display and see what your child has been learning.

Tuesday 13th November

The last week or so at Nursery has seen a lot of children off with various illnesses. Yesterday and today our classes have been halved with children being unwell. Thankfully school is closed for In Service on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th November. Maybe everyone will get a chance to get rid of the bugs by next week! Please do not bring your child to nursery if they are unwell, it only spreads germs and some children have returned too quickly then been off again.

Mrs Farrow continues to be absent from Nursery until further notice. Mrs Cheape is covering supply for now.

Hopefully ParentPay is working for everyone (new starts will get their code by next week) Huge apologies for the delays and mix ups. If you still have an issue please speak to our office staff who will be happy to help you.

Next week all children will be choosing a story sack to take home. This will be a lovely home link resource for you to enjoy with your child. We'll swop the bags around each week, no set day given the variety of sessions children attend. Just return your bag and your child can choose another. Rather than individual jotters for comments/pictures we think it's a better idea for your child to draw/write on paper, put it in the story sack and we'll add it to their Learning Journey Jotter.

As from Monday 26th November we invite parents/carers to come along to Nursery at 11.45am (Monday's only) and join us at story time. You can choose a book to read with your child or join staff reading to small groups of children; whatever suits you. We might even sing a song! All welcome, please try to join us for this lovely activity.

Our Christmas party will be on Tuesday 18th December. More information in a note soon.

Unfortunately we've not managed to hold Parent Contact sessions this month. We plan to offer these early in the next term. However, if you have anything you would like to discuss please make a staff member aware and we'll arrange a chat with you sooner.

Our Parent/Carer Group is on each Tuesday 11am to 12 noon. Everyone is most welcome to join us for a cuppa and chat.

Have a lovely long weekend.  


Sunday 11th November

The snack menu for this week is as follows;

                                   Morning                                            Afternoon

Monday                 Breadsticks                                               Cereal

Tuesday                Toast                                                      Breadsticks

Wednesday           Cheese sandwiches                                  Crackers

Thursday               Cereal                                                     Toast

Friday                  Crackers                                                  Fruit platter

This will also include fresh fruit and vegetables daily. 


Wednesday 8th November

We have been busy looking at ways to improve our Nursery, as always including the children in making choices and decisions. We are trying to get reduce the amount of plastic in Nursery and have more natural resources, including lots of loose parts. Please continue to bring in any loose parts your child would like to show everyone and if we can keep them just let staff know. If your child doesn't have a bag/leaflet please speak to staff.

Sadly, our new snack system hasn't been straightforward. Due to difficulties last term with Parentpay the amount of money collected is much less than our invoices from Tayside Contracts. After discussion with the finance officer and Mrs Lyon we are having to rethink our menu for a few weeks in order to pay our bills. Therefore, as from w/c 12th November snack will be the same menu each week until further notice. We will use all the dry goods we have paid for and buy the minimum from Tayside Contracts. This will of course include fresh fruit and vegetables daily. We would urge you to pay the snack money either weekly or termly on time in order for us to pay our bills. Until we are up to date with this we can't afford to buy any bigger variety of snacks. Last term snack/fund was £16. This term it is £18. Snack is a compulsory payment of £1 per week, fund is voluntary. Please speak to either Nursery or office staff if you require more information. We are aware there are still difficulties in some parents accessing their account. Speak to office staff if you still don't have an access code. We appreciate your support with this hopefully short term problem. A new menu will be added to this page on Friday and displayed in the cloakroom.




 Friday 2nd November 


The School photos have been processed and the forms are in the children's tray. If you would like to make a purchase, please fill in the form and return it with a payment of cash or a cheque enclosed in the sealed envelope to either the Nursery or the Main Office by the 30th November.  

This week the children have enjoyed exploring the Halloween resources and it was great to see a variety of costumes on Wednesday! Carving the pumpkin was quite messy and slimy but the children worked great as a team to scoop all of the seeds out and assisted with the carving of its scary face! Today we have started to talk about Bonfire Night and fireworks and we will continue to explore this next week and the children will have the opportunity to make some firework pictures to brighten up the nursery! 

A little reminder that the Parent Group is not on next Tuesday but will resume as normal on the 13th November at 11am. 

Snack menu for next week;

                                    Morning                                              Afternoon

Monday                 Scones and fruit                                          Fruit platter

Tuesday                Yoghurt and fruit                                        Oatcakes, soft cheese and fruit

Wednesday           Cheese on toast                                           Veggie tortilla faces

Thursday               Fruit platter                                               Scones and fruit

Friday                  Oatcakes, soft cheese and fruit                   Yoghurt and fruit

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 


Wednesday 31st October

The children have been busy in Nursery having spooky fun with the Halloween resources. Yesterday there was a trail of spiders through the snack/art area, much to Miss Robb's horror as she is afraid of spiders! Today we are having pumpkin carving and the children are welcome to dress in costumes, anything is suitable. But no scary masks!  Happy Halloween!

The Parent group is not on next Tuesday, 6th November. We can't get the staff room due to meetings. Everyone is very welcome to come along to this group. It is a very relaxed group and we chat, drink tea/coffee and generally put the world to rights! The next group will be Tuesday 13th November at 11am in the staff room within the Nursery building.

If anyone has any car/train/aeroplane etc brochures they would like to donate to nursery we would be very grateful. Our transport area has books but it would be better if we had more up to date resources.

The weather is a lot colder now so a reminder that children need a cosy coat, hat and gloves for outdoor play. We do have waterproof all in one suits for messy play which we encourage the children to wear if they are in the muddy area.

There are a few plums on our tree still to be picked. If you would like them feel free to come along and help yourself. You might need to shake the tree first though as they're quite high! There are apples in the school orchard too, again help yourself as there are lots that will just go to waste.

Mrs Cheape is currently covering Mrs Farrow's absence. This is ongoing until further notice and we're grateful for her agreeing to cover to allow continuity of care.


Monday 22nd October

Welcome back to nursery after the holidays and welcome to our new starts this term - Harris, Murray, Lukas and Aiden who join us throughout this week. We are full on 3 mornings now and only have a few spaces left on the other mornings. Afternoons are fairly quiet but that's normal as we always fill mornings quickly.

Mrs Thomson's Parent/Carer group will be on tomorrow as normal. Everyone welcome at 11am for a cuppa and chat. Stay and Play will also be on from this week, again all welcome.

We have a high percentage of children at Nursery with severe allergies and have been looking at ways to reduce the risks. Therefore, we are going to have all children and staff wash their hands when arriving at Nursery each session. This will ensure nobody has any foods, such as peanut butter, on their hands  when at Nursery. We're sure all parents and carers will happily support staff with this but if you have any concerns please discuss this with staff. We do appreciate your support with this.

Halloween is next Wednesday and Miss Robb is planning on having a small celebration in the morning. All children are invited to dress up in whatever they want, even if it's just a pair of horns! We would urge children not to be given anything too scary to wear, such as masks. We want a fun morning and no tears!

There are a few "This is Me" sheets not returned yet. Please check and see if yours is still to be completed and return to Nursery.

We are busy changing the home area around. The children are interested in transport so we are going to have an area where there are trains, cars, buses etc for them to play with. Then we'll see how it develops and add items as required.


Tuesday 9th September 

What a super quick term that was!! Hope you all have a wonderful break. The snack menu for the week back is as follows 


                               Morning                                Afternoon                                                                                          

Monday                         Yoghurt and fruit                                   Crackers, cheese and fruit 

Tuesday                     Cereal and banana                                          Fruit platter 

Wednesday                  Beans on toast                                          Muffin and fruit 

Thursday                 Crackers, cheese and fruit                             Beans on toast 

Friday                                Fruit platter                                        Cereal and banana 


Friday 28th September

This week we have been looking at Fairy-tale stories and the children have been discussing their likes and dislikes about their favourite. Using junk and a variety of other materials, the children have started to produce models of scenes from the fairy-tales including Cinderella's castle. We also have some paintings from many of the stories, and we will continue to read more and produce more art next week!

The snack menu next week is;

                    Morning                                              Afternoon

Monday                 Bagel with cheese and fruit                                   Yoghurt and fruit

Tuesday                Cheese on Toast                                                 Pinwheel wraps and fruit

Wednesday           Veggie tortilla faces                                       Fruit platter

Thursday              Fruit platter                                                   Bagel with cheese and fruit

Friday                 Yoghurt and fruit                                     Breadsticks, veg sticks and dip


Monday 17th September

We've had a lot of queries regarding the ParentPay issue. We have contacted the school office and await their response. Please bear with us whilst this is sorted.

The Parent/Carer group tomorrow will go ahead but Mrs Thomson won't be able to join you for this as Miss Robb is off sick. Unless we can get cover she will be required in Nursery. But you are still more than welcome to get together for a cuppa and chat at 11am. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Your child has a bag in their tray with a leaflet for Loose Parts. As per last term, you are welcome to help your child bring in any Loose Parts to show their friends at Nursery. The leaflet explains what we are looking for. This will be ongoing for the year. If you still have your bag from last term please let staff know to avoid duplication.

Today we had a visit from Farrah's two 8 week old puppies, Meg and Moss. Meg is a Spaniel and Moss a Labrador. They were so well behaved and seemed happy to be handled by very excited Nursery children and staff!  Again, if you have a pet you would like us to meet just ask as we're an animal friendly Nursery!



Friday 14th September

This week we have been looking at different forces. The children have enjoyed making huge towers with the magnets and were gobsmacked to see that they stick to Miss Robb's keys! The Marble Run has also been very popular and the children enjoy showing the grown ups the route they have made for the marbles to go down. Outside, the children have been using their own strength to make the bikes move forwards and backwards and some have also played Ten Pin Bowling, practicing their rolling skills.

The snack menu next week is;

                                   Morning                                              Afternoon

Monday                 Fruit platter                                              Breasticks, veg sticks and dip

Tuesday                Ham Roll and fruit                                     Cereal and banana

Wednesday           Muffin and fruit                                        Yoghurt and fruit

Thursday              Breadsticks, veg sticks and dip                  Fruit platter

Friday                  Cereal and banana                                       Ham Roll and fruit


Monday 10th September

We have been advised by the school office that there has been a problem with payments to ParentPay for Nursery. If you have paid any money to your account you will need to contact the office staff who will advise on what to do. Hopefully the account is now working effectively and there won't be any more problems. Bear with us please...

This is a good time to remind you that snack money this term is £16. We would urge you to pay on time as we have an account to pay Tayside Contracts for snack provided by them.        Thank you!  


Friday 7th September

This week the children have continued to explore a range of materials that can be used to create a picture or image, and they are looking fab on our Nursery walls! Outdoors, the children have shown interest in the guttering and have been pushing cars and balls down both the guttering and the slide and comparing the speed and distance that the objects travel at. We will continue to explore more about forces next week.

Snack menu for next week;

                                    Morning                                              Afternoon

Monday                 Scones and fruit                                          Fruit platter

Tuesday                Yoghurt and fruit                                        Oatcakes, soft cheese and fruit

Wednesday           Cheese on toast                                           Veggie tortilla faces

Thursday               Fruit platter                                               Scones and fruit

Friday                  Oatcakes, soft cheese and fruit                   Yoghurt and fruit

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Tuesday 4th September

Our Parent/Carer group started today and we welcomed both previous and new people to this. You are welcome to attend as you please, there is no expectation that you will attend every group. Each week we will discuss issues important to you and offer support where required. Our group is a relaxed, friendly one and is a super opportunity to meet with other parents/carers in Nursery. If you would like to attend please come to Nursery on Tuesday's at 11am to 12noon. If you have a child not in Nursery that day and require crèche provision please let staff know in advance to ensure we have adequate adult:child staffing.

One of the subjects discussed today was the new snack menu. You have asked for us to put it on this website each week to allow you to see what food is being offered. We will do this starting now. Menus are displayed on the Nursery noticeboard and in the classroom. If you would like a paper copy please speak to staff.

                                     Morning                                              Afternoon

Monday                  Bagel with cream cheese                             Yoghurt

Tuesday                 Cheese and toast                                         Pinwheel wraps

Wednesday            Veggie tortilla faces                                    Fruit platter

Thursday                Fruit platter                                               Bagel with cream cheese

Friday                     Yoghurt                                                      Veg sticks, breadsticks and dip


Seesaw is going well and all those families signed up have indicated that they are happy with this form of Learning Journey. You can join at any time, just speak to staff for information.

Stay and Play sessions started this week. You are welcome to come along with younger children on Tuesdays 1 - 2pm and Thursdays 9 - 10am.


Friday31st August


As already mentioned, we had an exciting visit from Frederic's puppy Sausage earlier in the week! This has encouraged the children to talk about their own pets and raised ideas about changing our home area in the nursery. The children decided that they would like it to be a Vet Practice and after a group discussion they decided on resources they would like in the area to play with. This included items such as bandages, a telephone for a reception desk and other resources to allow them to care for the unwell animals (although most feel better after a cuddle!)

On Wednesday a few children requested to go up to the pitch for a walk and noticed that leaves were starting to fall off the trees. They enjoyed collecting them to bring back to Nursery. We have used some of these leaves to create number pictures to display on our wall and will be continuing this into next week. We will also be providing others materials and resources for the children to make images and pictures with.

Today we welcomed Rowan to nursery and it is great to see all our new children settling in well!



oday there was great excitement in Nursery when Frederic's mum brought his little puppy to visit. Sausage (cute name!) was very well behaved and the children thoroughly enjoyed playing with her. All the Nursery staff are totally smitten and are now broody for a puppy! Thank you so much to Mrs Thorburn for bringing Sausage to visit.

If you have a pet you would like us to meet please speak to Nursery staff who will get a date in our diary. Obviously only pets who could cope with lots of excitable children (and adults...) should visit as we don't want to terrify them. Our home area is in the process of being changed to an animal based theme. The children will be asked what they would like and the area developed through their interests.  


Monday 27th August


Nursery is getting busier now, almost all this terms intake of children is complete. One more to start this week! Then we will be looking at the children due to start in October. Nursery will be full on some sessions which is great news for Arngask (not so good for parents looking for places later in the year!)

Thank you to those parents who have returned the various forms for their child's file. If you are still to do this we would urge you do complete them asap. There has been a good response to our Seesaw Learning Journey option. We will add children as requested and as soon as the notification is accepted we'll get posting photos etc to you. It's a super resource and  actively involves your child; allowing them to interact with you throughout their day at Nursery. We have adjusted the staff settings and all staff in Nursery will post items, rather than only Mrs Thomson who is only in 2 days now.

Until further notice Mrs Farrow will be absent. Mrs Thomson and Miss Robb will work as normal on Monday and Tuesday. To cover the absence we have Mrs Rankine on Wednesday and Thursday until further notice. Miss Robb/Mrs Jamieson will cover Fridays where possible. Mrs Lornie will continue to work every afternoon. Rest assured your children will still receive the best experience and are all happy and settled in Nursery.

Everyone has been given a ParentPay letter, detailing their information to set up an account. Please pay snack/fund into this account. Either £2 per week or as it's an eight week term, £16. Thank you.

We have started a "Number" topic after children expressed interest in numbers. We're slowly introducing resources and activities to support their learning. Miss Robb has taken the lead with this and will help children to create a floor book to show their learning.

Mrs Thomson will be leading Parental engagement which starts with the Parent/Carer group on Tuesday 4th September at 11am, in the school staff room in our building.

Mrs Lornie will work with Mrs Jamieson to develop our shared art/crafts area. This will encourage all the children in both Nursery and P1/2 to share resources, learning and playing together.

So far, snack from Tayside Contracts is working well. We are in contact with the staff at Milnathort kitchens who provide our food and they are supporting us to ensure that children's dietary requirements are met.


Tuesday 21st August

So far this week we have welcomed Oliver, Farrah and Emily to Nursery. The classes are getting busier and it's been lovely to see friendships forming already. Our pre school children have unofficially adopted the roles of Nursery helpers and are eager to help their new friends with the routines we follow. Tomorrow we welcome Innes and are confident he will settle in quickly too.

Just a reminder for you to complete the Enrolment form as soon as possible. We require this to ensure your child's general and medical information is up to date.

The All About Me sheets are a working document so don't worry about completing this in full as we'll look at it during the course of the year.  

Your child has two notes in their tray. One is about the Parents/Carers group starting on Tuesday 4th September, 11am to 12noon each week. The other is regarding the use of Seesaw as a Learning Journey. Please consider both of these invitations and return as soon as possible to any of the Nursery team.   


Thursday 16th August


Today we welcomed Matthew to nursery. This morning the children had great fun playing with the puppets and making a puppet show for their friends to watch. Many of them have also started to display their amazing art work on the wall for everyone to see!

Wednesday 15th August

Welcome to Nursery Sebastian, Molly and James. We look forward to having you at Arngask. Today we are a little bit busier and are all settling in well.   

Tuesday 14th August

Welcome back to Nursery! What a fabulous summer holiday we've all had, the weather was amazing. Hopefully everyone has had a relaxing break and the children are raring to go again. Today we only had 4 children this morning and they were certainly full of beans! The next week or so will see our new children starting, one or two each day to allow us the opportunity to settle them and give them extra 1:1 time if required. We look forward to welcoming our new children and their families to Arngask.

We have changed a few things around and moved furniture to create more open  spaces which we will monitor and adapt to the children's interests and needs. There is a new area for the children to display art work and they are encouraged to peg their work on the lines independently. Already they are busy drawing and writing, creative little souls!

There are lots of items in your child's tray that require your attention. Please complete and return the enrolment form ASAP to ensure all your details are up to date. There is a letter about paying snack/fund. We are now a cashless Nursery and you will be given a unique login for ParentPay if you don't have one. You can add money to this account whenever it suits. This term is 8 weeks and we would ask you to pay £16 to ParentPay when it is up and running. Thank you. 

Our snack is now delivered daily by Tayside Contracts and comes from Milnathort Primary School kitchen. This week we have been given supplies for the rest of this week which is displayed on a menu on the noticeboard. From next week it is planned for our menu to be the same as Milnathort Nursery however there may be slight changes. We will put a note on the noticeboard when this occurs. We do have a supply of dried foods like breadsticks, crackers etc incase there are foods the children don't like on the new menu. They certainly won't starve!

As we have free flow indoor/outdoor play there is no need to change your child's footwear each session. Providing their footwear is clean and not too wet (more when it's snowing) it's much easier for them when going in and out. Saves wasting precious play time trying to get shoes on and off. Obviously it's up to you, some parents prefer their child to wear slippers indoors. We don't mind, whatever is easiest for you and your child.

Stay and Play sessions will restart on Tuesday 4th September 1 - 2pm and Thursday 6th September 9 - 10am. All welcome. The Parent group will restart in a few weeks, a notice will go out soon detailing a start date.

We welcome back Miss Robb, it's lovely to have her at Arngask again. Mrs Farrow will be absent until further notice due to illness. The 3 days she works (Wednesday - Friday) will be covered and hopefully it's not for too long.

Please keep a look out for information on the website as we plan to add information regularly to ensure you are fully updated at all times. When something is posted it will be notified on Twitter to highlight a new post on this site.

We look forward to working together with you to provide an enriching, happy and nurturing environment for your children to learn in.





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