Term 3

This Term. P6/7 are going to be learning about WW2. We have planned our learning and this is displayed in our classroom. Below are the themes of WW2 which we would like to learn about.


History, Trenches, Evacuation, Medals, The Blitz and Rationing.

In class we have a new question board where we display the things we want to learn about WW2 which we think off as we research and explore new learning. We have some really interesting ones so far. Here is Arran, confidently and eagerly adding his question about which side Spain took in WW2.


One of the first things which we have learned is who the axis and allies in WW2 was. We did this through watching a PPT and then on a world map locating the countries and colouring them accordingly. We learned that the main Allies in WW2 was the USA, Russia and United Kingdom and the main Axis were Italy, Germany and Japan.



Active Literacy

This Term P6/7 have started the unit 2 of the Active Literacy programme. This programme allows the pupils to work with peers. Partners are changed every time a new spelling pattern is taught. We are working really well together and are getting faster at learning new words. We encourage and support one another. We use the whiteboards to practice our spelling and we use Elkonin boxes to split words into their sounds to help us learn them.



Holistic Assssment (Joint working with the Cleish Primary P6/7 pupils)

This term we have completed an assessment of our learning in Heath and Wellbeing, Technologies and Literacy. We had to read an extract from The Demon Dentist and explore if Alfie was, safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, responsible, respected and included. We then had to highlight the evidence of this in the text on the computer and make notes of the evidence on a SHANARRI wheel. The learning will then be assessed by the pupils at Cleish and returned to us for further development.


Once we completed our learning we joined with another pair to discuss and share our learning.


Learning Zones

P6/7 do Learning Zones for the first half an hour of every morning. The pupils really enjoy this time and are able to identify the benefits of doing these stations. Below are some of the reasons P6/7 enjoy their learning zones so much.

"They help you to settle back in after a weekend. I need it on a Monday the most because I'm used to the rest on the Saturday and Sunday." Suilven

"It's like P.E. when you need to warm up. It [Learning Zones] helps you get ready for lessons." Afton

"It gives you time to be more social. It gives us time to develop friendships with our classmates. Being friends means that we have less fall outs during break and lunch." Abi

"Learning Zones wakes up your brain for whatever you do after." Demi

Learning Zones works on skills that you wouldn't work on as a full lesson in class. For example, on the I-Pads you learn about timings in games. This isn't something that you could make a whole lesson on but it is a good skill to develop." Tom E

Our Learning Zones this week are on Winter.



In Music, we are learning about ostinato. We are learning to create our own pieces.

"We had a count of 8 and played on every even number to begin with." Joshua

"We then got into different groups and basically we all had one sound in each group and we all played our sound on the beat we were given." Arran

"We had to find out how you could make the sounds standout. We figured out if we played a different sound for each line we could make the sounds stand out more." Lily-Mae

"Now we are at the point where we are developing a song to play (using untuned percussion) in groups." Lennox