Term 2

This term P6/7 are learning about the Government. Below is our planning.



So far, we have learned about voting. We made parties and voted for a group leader. We then worked together to create a manifesto with three polices/promises which the party would work to achieve if they were elected.




Once the manifestos were completed each party leader then presented their promises to the class and each child used a ballot paper to vote for the party which they wanted to be elected to lead the class for the following week.


After the votes were counted, it was announced that the winning party was S.P.P. One of their polices was to focus on Mental Health and look at activities people could do to relieve stress. Party Leader Suilven delegated and allowed Lucy to lead this session. Lucy created a variety of activities for the class to participate in. The three categories were team building, mindfulness and concentration. Some activities are shown below. They are: yoga, calm down jars, jenga and charades.




In maths Mrs K has been teaching triangles and angles. We have been exploring how to calculate missing angles of a triangle. Although this was tricky at first, we are learning from our mistakes and are making really good progress.