Homework 6th September

For Tuesday 11th September

 SQUARES: Use the story of 20. Time yourself at how quickly you can answer 5 questions. Write this down. Can you get any quicker by practising these addition facts?
CIRCLES: Draw out these numbers using H, T, U:
546 231 487 403 690

Room 1: Complete homework given by Mrs Scott/ Mrs Kinninmonth (on the sheet)

See reading diary for reading homework
Task: Draw your favourite character from your book.
Why are they your favourite? Write down your reasons

Can you tell an adult three facts about what you have learnt about the Romans so far?

Spelling- the phoneme ‘ae’

Write your words 3 times at home
Show an adult your best handwriting! (Remember all your letters start at the top)
PINK a-e        BLUE ay                GREEN ai                             PURPLE ey
face                holiday                    train                                       they
race                today                      afraid                                     obey
cage               may                        airport                                    valley
place              stray                       downstairs                             monkey
blame             birthday                  explain                                   trolley




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