Homework 13th September

Homework for
Tuesday 18th September

  SQUARES: T + U worksheet./docs/T_U1a.doc

CIRCLES: H, T, U worksheet

Room 1: Complete homework given by Mrs Scott/ Mrs Kinninmonth (on the sheet)

See reading diary for reading homework
Task: Can you write down 5 WOW words to describe your favourite character? Think how they look, their personality or what they wear.

Can you find out how chariots are used nowadays? What have they changed into?

Spelling- the phoneme ‘ae’

Write your words in rainbow writing.
Show an adult your best handwriting! (Remember all your letters start at the top)

PINK a-e             BLUE ay               GREEN ai                  PURPLE ey
age                      yesterday             complain                    money
chocolate             play                      paid                            honey
mistake                pray                      strain                          turkey
save                    delay                     wait                            chimney