Good to be Green

In Arngask Primary School we have introduced the Good to be Green programme. This a system where cards which are either yellow or red are handed out. Before you get a yellow card or red card you get a verbal warning 2 times from the staff if you have been behaving badly or if you choose to ignore any member of staff that has asked you to stop 2 times.

If you get 2 verbal warnings you will get a yellow card. If you have been given a yellow card that means you have 10 minutes taken off your Golden time. If you have been issued a yellow card  two times in one day you get 20 minutes off your Golden time and if you have been issued a red card you get a phone call home to tell your mum and dad. If you get a 2nd red card you get a meeting with your parents with the teachers.

Golden time is when you get to play the games in your class like Chess or Connect 4, or you can go on the laptop or the computers and go on websites like Sumdog, Studdyladder or Cool Maths games. Or you can colour in, read or draw . If you have been issued a yellow card you have to write lines for 10 minutes and if you have been issued a 2nd yellow card 20 minutes of writing lines.

Also if your on a green card you get golden time as normal. Thank you very much for giving up your time to read all the information you need to know about  the Good to be Green system.

By Jamie Morton P7 Connor Mackenzie P7 Lucy Milne P5 Suilven Harris P5