House Points

At Arngask Primary School all pupils are members of a 'House'.  Each House is represented by a House and Vice Captain. Points are awarded according to our weekly Growth Mindset focus and our school values.  The Weekly focus is discussed using the Wellbeing Wheel.

 Session 2019-2020

Points for Term One


Arngask   217         Deuglie    186         Duncrievie   167          Fordel     163

 well done Arngask!

 Session 2018-2019

This session Fordel House earned the most House Points.  They earned 2740 points.  Well done Fordel!


Points for Term Four


Arngask   499  Deuglie  563  Duncrievie  779   Fordel  754


 Points for Term Three


   Arngask   327            Deuglie     434             Duncrievie   717          Fordel      602

Well done Duncrievie, you're this term's winner!



 Points for Term Two


   Arngask   411              Deuglie     552         Duncrievie   487              Fordel      522

Well done Deuglie, you're this term's winner!

 Points for Term One


   Arngask   413            Deuglie     420         Duncrievie   492          Fordel      612

well done Fordel, you're this term's winner!


Session 2017-2018

 Points for session 2017-2018


   Arngask   2623            Deuglie     2701         Duncrievie   2798           Fordel      2553


Well done Duncrievie.  You are this session's winners!!


Points for Term Four


       Arngask   708              Deuglie     635       Duncrievie   753          Fordel      630

Points for Term Three


       Arngask   597                 Deuglie     657       Duncrievie   635           Fordel      671

 Well done Fordel, you're this term's winning House.

Points for Term Two


Arngask   487              Deuglie     542           Duncrievie   702            Fordel      591

 Well done Duncrievie, you're this term's winning House.


 Points for Term One


Arngask   831              Deuglie     867            Duncrievie   708            Fordel      661

 Well done Deuglie, you're this term's winning House.


Session 2016-2017

 Points for Term Four

100 points were awarded to Arngask, 75 points to Deuglie, 50points to Fordel and Duncrievie won 25 points during our Sports Afternoon held on 2 June.  Pupils took part in eight activities and were awarded points for their efforts.

Fordel were awarded 100 points for their contribution to the school community.

Points for Term Four 


Arngask   1289              Deuglie     814             Duncrievie   1145            Fordel      914


 Totals for session 2016-2017

Arngask  3126                Deuglie     2658          Duncrievie   3057        Fordel      3079


Arngask are this session's winners. They celebrated their achievement with pizza and a movie.  Well Done Arngask!


Points for Term Three


Arngask   848               Deuglie     654             Duncrievie   909            Fordel      673

Well done Fordel, you are this term's winning House.


Running total to date (Term 1, 2 and 3 House Points)

Arngask  1737                Deuglie     1769          Duncrievie   1877         Fordel      1933

Here are the final totals for Session 2015-2016


Arngask   3323               Deuglie     2830         Duncrievie   2813           Fordel      3479



Congratulations go to  pupils in Fordel. Not only did their House win the most points this term they earn the most number of House Points in 2015-2016.

This Term's Points were added to the running total for each of the previous Terms.  Bonus Points  earned at Sports Day were added to these totals.  Duncrievie and Fordel were awarded points for their contribution to the school and wider community. 

To reward Fordel for their hard work  children spent time at Loch Leven Park in Kinross on Wednesday 29 June.  Pupils had a picnic lunch and the opportunity to play. 

Well done Fordel!


Points earned in Term Four were:

Arngask   1002              Deuglie     808         Duncrievie   830          Fordel      1283


Session 2015-2016  Term Winners
Term One: Arngask
Term Two: Fordel
Term Three: Arngask
Term Four: Fordel

Last Session Deuglie earned the most points.  Pupils chose as their reward to watch a movie. The Film Club set up their large screen in the village hall to give the children a wonderful cinema experience.

In Session 2013-2014 the winning house was Deuglie.  Deuglie House members spent their reward time watching a movie with popcorn!

Session 2012-2013  the winning house was Duncrievie.  Duncrievie House members decided to use thier reward time to play team games in the park and to watch a DVD.