Primary 6/7

In Term 3 our topic is Scottish History.   Before starting the topic we discussed and recorded what we already knew, then what we wanted to find out.   From this, key questions were identified: 

What Kings and Queens have ruled Scotland?

What castles are in Scotland?

Why were castles built?

What tartan designs exist?

Who was Robbie Burns?

We discussed how we would answer the questions, highlighting what activities and skills we could do.   The royal day that we are planning sounds exciting as we will take on the role of a King or Queen and attend a royal banquet.   Here is our planning wall which shows what we want to learn.   If you would like to share your knowledge and skills relating to our topic Scottish History, please let us know.


In drama we took part in a mock trial focusing on Lord Darnley, in relation to learning about Mary Queen of Scots.   It was interesting to hear the verdict of the jury during the trial.




In pairs, we answered questions based on the life of Mary Queen of Scots using our researching skills which was fun.





In term 2 we have been learning facts and information about our topic Fairtrade. We have focused on how it helps farmers around the world by making sure they are paid fairly for the food that they produce. In groups we painted the Fairtrade logo and did class presentations sharing our research.




Here are Jamie and Maisie sharing their learning on Fairtrade.


Here is our Fairtrade wall display so far.


Clay Medals – Inspired by Tourist attractions

Gillian Forbes (a sculptor) worked with the Primary 6/7 making clay medals which captured images of tourist attractions around the world through making marks.   Firstly we had to design our medals, then start using tools to mark the clay in preparation for clay to be poured into a mould.   This was exciting and we look forward to painting them.



The clay medals have now been painted, next they will be varnished. Here is a picture of the progress.



As our topic was Tourism we made models of tourist attractions in the United Kingdom.   We enjoyed learning about our topic and thoroughly enjoyed making models of tourist attractions in the United Kingdom.   Can you recognise and name them?