P3/4 - Miss Hogg 

Term 1

Term 1 has been lots of fun! Our first topic was all about the body and we did some very exciting lessons.

We began by learning about the bones which make up our skeleton and what they are called. We also made moving skeletons for homework. They were very creative and were presented well to peers.


We then learned about muscles and tendons. We made hands that move. When the tendons pull, the fingers move. Miss Hogg cut a pretend tendon and we were surprised to see that the finger could no long bend. We learned the importance of tendons to move our fingers.

In Health and Wellbeing, we learned about the food pyramid and what amount of each food group you need to eat to be healthy. We worked in pairs to plan a healthy snack. We all agreed on a sandwich and there were lots of fillings to choose from. After we planned it, we got busy (and messy) making it.

A lesson which we all LOVED was making pretend blood. We learned about red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. This was very messy and we all wanted to do the lesson again after we had finished.

Filtering kidneys and making edible hearts were also lots of fun!



 Term 2

In Term 2, we are going to be learning about the natural environment. Below are some of the things we would like to learn about.


We began our learning by looking at different types of landforms. We enjoyed having play stations around the room where we got to explore what landforms were and what they looked like.

Hamish made a volcano. He wanted his to look realistic so he used red and yellow Lego bricks to create the look of lava. He made this at the construction station.

P3/4 had lots of fun exploring rivers. We learned lots of vocabulary relating to rivers and used the key words to label posters. Later on we made our own mountains from card and we used blue water in spray bottles to create rainfall. We had great discussions about where we thought the water would gather and some people even created waterfalls.

Soon we moved on to look at maps. We found this very interesting! We learned about the compass rose, the use of a key, symbols and scale. Scale was quite tricky especially because we had to convert our cm measurements to km. We used multiplication to work out the true distances between countries on an online map. Using the calculators was lots of fun.

Recently, we have been exploring how animals can survive the cold conditions of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. We worked in groups to research the different animals  that live in these locations. We wrote down their adaptations to the cold which make living there easy for them.

We learned that penguins have an oil glad which make their feathers waterproof. We experimented by colouring a paper penguin with crayon and then spraying it with water. The penguins with no crayon were not waterproof but the ones with crayon were. It was interesting to see how the crayons prevented the water from seeping through, just like the oil on the penguin feathers.


Term 3

This terms context for learning is Religions Around the World. P3/4 are exploring four main religions. These are; Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. We worked together to create a planning wall.


We learned about prayers. We learned why people pray. People pray to say sorry, thank you, to ask for help or to tell the Gods that they love them. We wrote our own prayers in prayer hands which we created by drawing around our hands. 


 In Hinduism, Hindus pray beside a shrine which they have in their home. They use a special Puja tray when they pray. We watched videos about Hindu prayer and we analysed which items were on a Puja tray. Then we made our own Puja trays in groups. We labelled them and our peers assessed them to make sure that we had all the correct items. We really enjoyed this project.




In maths, we have been learning about multiplication. We learned how to create arrays. In our lessons, there were lots of different activity stations. We used our array knowledge to work out calculations. Here are just a few of our stations:




Miss Hogg gave us a literacy challenge. We LOVED it! Miss Hogg put us in pairs. Then we were given a picture book. Our challenge was to be the authors of the book and write the story. We got very creative and used our imagination to develop the story. The pictures were really helpful because we used them to inspire our writing.


After we had written our story, we shared it with another group. After that, we got to share our stories with P1/2.



 Scooter Skills (I-Bike)

Robyn and Miss Hogg planned scooter skills sessions. P3/4 all attended the session and learned how to be safe when scooting in Public. P3/4 learned to scoot in the middle of the pavement, to come off their scooter and walk past pedestrians who might also be using the pavement and how to cross the road with a scooter safely. There was even time for some scooter games.



 Term 4


 In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We have looked at splitting shapes into equal parts. We have learned about the numerator and denominator. We are learning to work out fractions of amounts too. We have even explored equivalent fractions! This has been hard work but we are all proud of how well we understand fractions now compared to when we began at the beginning of the term. Look at some of our learning below.


We really enjoyed playing snap and trying to match the written fractions to images of the fractions. We worked well in our groups and supported each other with our learning.

Learning Zones

P3/4 have really enjoyed their learning zones this year. We have focused a lot on skills and we have made some wonderful pieces.

Ottillie made a sugar paper daffodil. She used images of a real daffodil as a stimulus. P3/4 thought it was wonderful and Ottillie was so proud of this work that she added it to her Learning Journey Jotter.

P3/4 have really enjoyed construction this term as we have new construction boxes to explore. The learning task was to invent a model. Here are some of the designs.



P3/4 have been working on script writing. We began by exploring the script of Jack and Jill. Using that script we generated success criteria to use in our own writing. This was a very different way to write compared to the stories we enjoy doing. We have learned lots about scripts. In pairs we finished the script of Jack and Jill and then another pair assessed our writing. This helped us set targets for our next script.