Primary 1/2

In Term 4 we have been learning about materials.   We have investigated and tested different types of materials to find out facts about their properties.   We investigated materials outside, discussing how they felt when touched, smelt or the sound they made.   Here we are in our classroom examining a variety of items.




We learned about the importance of recycling different materials.   Outside we played a game in teams to show how easily rubbish can make a mess and damage the environment.  It made us aware of how much plastic we use everyday.




In class we used magnets to investigate what materials were magnetic which was fun!




Locally in Glenfarg there are new houses being built.   Here are some photographs of the construction site.   It has been interesting to learn about the beginning stages of building houses.




We entered art work into the McCoo Art Competition.   The art material that we used was oil pastel which helped blend the bright colours to form our highland cows in the style of artist, Steven Brown.



In Term 3 we have been learning facts about the weather.   We had the opportunity to learn how the water cycle works, recognise different types of weather and how people are affected around the world.

In groups we enjoyed creating and designing machines that could change the weather.



Using our knowledge about weather symbols we presented weather forecasts to the class.





Our Big Breakfast raised £139.10 for the British Lung Foundation!   Thank you to all the parents and pupils who supported the event.  We made bread and blueberry muffins.






We have been learning about how our lungs work in Term 2 and are organising a Big Breakfast, raising money for the British Lung Foundation.  Our Big Breakfast is on Thursday 30th November from 9.00am until 10.00am.  A selection of different breakfast foods will be available.  We look forward to seeing you then.


We discussed that we knew already and what we wanted to find out in our topic.



Here are 3D lungs we made.


In Term 1 our topic was Animals.  In class we talked about what we already knew and then what we wanted to learn. We made animal models using junk material which was great fun!