Parents and Friends of Arngask

 The Parents and Friends of Arngask is the new name for the PTA and Parent Council.

We are a small school at the heart of our community and we would like all parents and carers to be involved in school life.

We generally meet once a term and would like you to get involved in helping the school to meet the needs of our children and supporting our fundraising efforts for additional resources and equipment. We understand everyone has busy lives and this needn’t be a big commitment – as much or as little time as you can spare will make a difference.


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Summer Fun Night

The summer fun night will be on Friday 2 June at the school. We are looking to set up a small group of parents to help organise this great event. Please email if you are interested in helping orgnaise or are happy to help out on the night. We need people to man the stalls, bouncy castle and the BBQ.


School Building – removal of the mobile

Perth and Kinross Council have advised that they are progressing with plans to remove the mobile classroom in the summer of this year and turn the library back into a classroom. The Parents and Friends of Arngask and the Community Council have written to the Council to raise concerns about the proposals. These are mainly around:

  • loss of the library/learning spaces
  • class size flexibility
  • reduced cloakroom space
  • lack of space for additional support/activities


We are hoping to meet with the Council to discuss our concerns in the near future and hope as many parents and carers as possible will attend. The date will be publicised as soon as possible.


Next Meeting

The next meeting on the parent council is due to take place on 16 May 2016 and will be the AGM. All parents, carers and friends of the school are welcome.


As the PTA and Parent Council have combined a new constitution has been drawn up and is available on the Parents page of the school website. This will be agreed at the AGM. Any comments and suggestions on this document are welcome in advance of the meeting.


Every parent is  a member and welcome to attend meetings.  Our primary role is to consult with, and therefore represent, all parents.
­­­­­­­­­­­­­In the past, Parents and Friends of Arngask, formally known as the Parent Council, has played a role in interviewing candidates for the role of Head Teacher, changing to the Kinross High School catchment area, altering the opening hours of the school and funding and organising new playground markings.

 Our main aims are:
-  To represent the views of all parents on the education provided by the school
-  To develop and engage in activities which improve the quality of education and support the well-being of the pupils
-  To promote partnership between the school, its pupils and all its parents through consultation

Minutes from the meeting held on 12th September 2016

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