Welcome to our Website page. Each term we will share our Learning Journey on this page.

Term One

We have been looking at the power of persuasion this term and decided to focus on the power of advertising in Media and Television. We enjoyed watching various adverts and these created great discussions around the techniques used by companies to entice us to  buy their products. As a result of our discussions, we decided to design our own product and use the techniques we'd learned to create an advert. We used iMovie to record and edit our learning so have a look below and see if you can spot the techniques we've used.  

Advertising Videos

Jake & Gordon

We decided on our name first and then shared ideas. First Jake wanted it to be a cushion and Gordon wanted a robot. We combined both ideas together to make a robot cushion called Snuggle Coosh. The strategies we used were humour, bright colours, free stickers and music.

Abi & Lucy

This is the natural wonders team. The idea was inspired by greek style yogurt which we both hate (sorry to all those greek style yogurt lovers out there :) ).So we decided to make a yogurt which if we saw in a shop we would be convinced to buy. We used a few techniques in our advert including humour and persuasion. We learned about ICT and teamwork.

Thanks a lot from the

  Natural wonders team

Scott & Jack

Scott and I made a football

boot called shot runners and the strategy we used was 20

percent off in all nike stores .

We used discounts and a funny

voice and a competition. The

Skill we used the most was creating the videos.

Katie & Chloe

Rainbow bots

First we designed them. We got all the materials and the colours. Then we designed the name and we came up with rainbow bots and it’s on sale from the 5th of November to the 28th of November. There is a competition and if you get 2 rainbow bots you will win a pencil case. We enjoyed working in a team and the hardest bit was what we were going to make.

Ellis & Brooke

First of all we found an egg box and thought we should make some soap .The shapes of the soap where a butterfly and a star. It was like a small play. Then we came up with the play we used facial expression to explain are play and discounts and colour. We used different techniques so it would make people buy our things. We found it hard because we had a set time. We enjoyed it because we did good teamwork.

Lee & Hayden

We used highlighters to make it right.We used I movies to create our video. We used a song called Neon to make it  cooler. We used the cutting sciorrs on the Ipad to cut out a few parts.Then we got paint:orange,pink ,blue,purple and red.And we made Stuart Hogg and Manuel Neur .We went on the internet to get consels and games it was a ps4/xbox 1,destiny2 and fifa18.We did a competion. It is a summary tune(Neon).

Megan, Ava & Brogan

Term 3

The Iron Man

As a class novel we read ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Working in small groups we then created our own stop motion videos of the first chapter of The Iron man.

Jess, Lily-mae, Chloe and Alice

Jessica, Gordan, Scott, Hayden and Ava

Lee, Jack and Suilven

Lucy, Abi, Katie and Brooke

Tom, Megan, Ellis and Jake