Welcome to our Website page. Each term we will share our Learning Journey on this page.

Term One

We have been looking at the power of persuasion this term and decided to focus on the power of advertising in Media and Television. We enjoyed watching various adverts and these created great discussions around the techniques used by companies to entice us to  buy their products. As a result of our discussions, we decided to design our own product and use the techniques we'd learned to create an advert. We used iMovie to record and edit our learning so have a look below and see if you can spot the techniques we've used.  

Advertising Videos

Jake & Gordon 

We decided on our name first and then shared ideas. First Jake wanted it to be a cushion and Gordon wanted a robot. We combined both ideas together to make a robot cushion called Snuggle Coosh. The strategies we used were humour, bright colours, free stickers and music.