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HM Inspectors Visit to Nursery

HM Inspectors from Education Scotland will be visiting our nursery to conduct an inspection during the week commencing Monday 4 June. You can find out more about inspection, from the Inspection and review documentation pages of Education Scotland’s website.

As part of the inspection, Inspectors gather the views of stakeholders via an online survey which is available from

The online survey for parents in (Early learning and childcare settings):

I would like to encourage you to complete the survey. Inspectors will also be meeting with groups of parents during the inspection so to be part of that discussion you should complete the survey with additional links provided to indicate your interest in taking part.

Our Nursery  is great  place to learn, let share how well we are doing.

Please complete the survey by 25 May 2018

Thanks for your support.

 Friday 11th May

This week has flown by and we have lots to share with you. Miss Good has been developing the writing area and with the children's input she has created exciting opportunities for enhancing literacy skills. The children can take resources outdoors too and use these during outside play. For example, today the children made a rainbow wall using coloured chalks. Hopefully it won't rain and you can see it on Monday! During the week the children selected resources using the iPad and some of these were delivered today; great excitement opening the boxes!  

Thank you for helping your child bring in Loose Parts to talk about in Nursery. We have a wide variety of Loose Parts throughout the areas and it's interesting to see them being used effectively.  We will continue this until mid June.

The children have been learning about the skills required for life, work and learning and as a school we have 6 characters we use - the Scientist, Teacher, Judge, Reporter, Artist and Detective. These characters are on display in Nursery and each day we will talk about these skills and celebrate children's success as they apply these skills. Yesterday, Ben was a Scientist. He experimented with how playdoh changed if it got wet. Today, Sadie tried this too after hearing Ben tell his story, another Scientist. Monty and Sasha were both Judges, Monty making positive choices and Sasha was judging a competition in the playground. Monty was also an Artist after taking fantastic pictures on the iPad, he took great care with this task. When a child completes a skill they will be given a copy of the character to go into their Learning Journey Jotter and their name will go onto the display. At the end of term we will be able to use our maths skills to find out what skill was applied the most. This is an achievable activity which all children can participate in. Already they have been extremely responsive, which is very positive.  Please speak to staff if you would like more information.

On Monday and Thursday for the next 2 weeks, Mrs Leadbetter has kindly agreed to come into nursery and help the children to learn everyday Portuguese words. We all look forward to that.

Transition day to Primary 1 is on Tuesday 19th June, 9 - 11am. There are letters in your child's tray if they are going to school in August.


Story of the week: A Kiss Like This by Catherine and Laurence Anholt

I Can.... Recognise the skills I use each day

Developmental Milestone Focus: Social Skills








Wednesday 9th May


Today the children had a fabulous morning enjoying a Rugbytots session. On our walk to the village hall we spent time noticing signs of spring and waving to the neighbours. We also saw a JCB and are now curious as to what is being built on the site off Greenbank Road. We plan more walks as the weather improves to observe the beautiful village of Glenfarg.  Everything always looks better when the sun shines!

Back to Rugbytots..... what a super time your children had. They were very well behaved (of course!) and listened to the instructions given by Samaan. He provided lots of exciting opportunities for the children to  further develop their ball and gross motor skills. Everyone joined in and there was lots of laughter and fun had by all.  Photos will be posted here tomorrow. There will be sessions for you to attend with your child in Glenfarg, all the children have flyers giving details. We will certainly be working with Rugbytots again.

The weather has turned cold again so a reminder that your child requires a jacket in case it rains or is too cold to be outside without one. We have a few spare but we see lots of children this week with only a hoodie or jumper. They will say they don't need it but they do!

Thank you to everyone who took time to complete the questionnaire, much appreciated. The information is being collated and we'll publish the results soon.

Our Parent group is running well on Tuesday's at 11am. If you want to just drop in and out at your leisure you are very welcome. This week we talked about encouraging our children to eat healthily and to try a wider range of foods. We chatted about different ways of presenting food, letting children choose what they would like to eat and quantities offered. We all agreed that allowing children to have more choice over what's on their plate may encourage better eating habits. Just think how you feel when food is piled on your plate and you know you won't eat it all! Next Tuesday we will discuss school readiness and our feelings about children starting Primary 1.   


 Friday 4th May


Another very busy week at Nursery has flown by! The children are engaged in lots of activities to aid their transition to school. The younger children are joining in and everyone is busy looking for items beginning with "S" both at Nursery and home. Next week we will be learning about the letter "A" If you can ask your child to bring something in beginning with A we would be grateful.

Thank you for helping your child to collect Loose Part items in their bag. We are encouraging the children to do "Show and Tell" whenever they bring items in, rather than a set day. This allows everyone opportunities to participate. The Loose Parts are scattered around Nursery and the children are enjoying using them as they choose.

Our writing area has been changed to give the children additional space and allow freedom to play with more independence and choice. They have been fully involved in rearranging the area and have given lots of suggestions for resources and activities. We have written these down and the information is on display in Nursery. 

We are going to the Village Hall on Wednesday 9th May 9.30 - 10.30am to participate in Rugbytots. A note has gone out to everyone with additional information. If your child doesn't normally attend Nursery that morning they can still join in but an adult must stay with them for the duration. Please speak to staff if you want to come along.

Remember Monday 7th May is a Public Holiday and school is closed. Have a lovely holiday!

Story of the week: Percy the Park Keeper ABC by Nick Butterworth

I Can.... develop my movement skills through practise and energetic play

Developmental Milestone Focus: Gross Motor Skills   


w/c 30th April

The parents group will start on Tuesday 1st May from 11am to 12 noon. We plan to meet in the staffroom which is located in the nursery building. Looking forward to seeing you there.

This week your child will bring home a "loose parts" bag. Instead of the story or rhyme sacks we thought we'd ask you to have a look around your home environment and collect loose parts to bring in to nursery. We will then discuss what each child has brought in (see Show and Tell note below) and if ok with you we'll add these to our resources at nursery. There is a note in each bag giving more details plus a leaflet which explains all about what loose parts are. Any queries please ask staff. Your child should be able to help as we're always talking about loose parts!

We will be incorporating "Show and Tell" into our week and thought starting with the loose parts activity would be a good place to begin. This will encourage your child to source items themselves and save you hunting around the house for a specific item at the last minute! Also, given the variety of nursery sessions the children attend we think it would be fairer for everyone to have an opportunity throughout the week to join in, rather than a specific day.

On Wednesday 9th May we are having a session with Rugbytots from 9.30 to 10.30am. We have booked the village hall for this as we can't be guaranteed good weather. If your child does not attend that day but you would like to bring them along please speak to staff and we can add them to the group. An adult would need to stay with them due to child:staff ratios.

This week the pre school children will be learning about the reading programme we use in school, Oxford Reading Tree. They will learn about the characters in the books and also Jolly Phonics, beginning with the letter S. This will be incorporated into our morning and done over the next 6 weeks. This gives the children an opportunity to have an awareness of the programme in advance of starting school.

We have asked the children what they would like to have in nursery, their comments are on the nursery door for you to see. We have responded to their requests and provided resources for them to access. There has been lots of activity in the new hide and we are encouraging the children to ask for items, which we will add as required. We have added clipboards and paper for the children to use. We are focusing on promoting literacy this term and encouraging all children to mark make and enhance their writing skills.  We have decided not to do a set topic this term, preferring instead to focus on promoting literacy and provide lots of opportunities to extend learning through a variety of interesting play opportunities. We will gather evidence and create a floorbook  for you to look at.

I Can... use a variety of ways to record my experiences and ideas

Developmental Milestone Focus: fine motor skills

Story of the week: Dear Greenpeace by Simon James



Friday 27th April


We've had a busy week in nursery. We thought you'd like to see some of the things we have done.

Elle Gordon, an S2 pupil was with us in nursery for Take Your Child to Work Day on Thursday. Her mum is Mrs Gordon, who teaches at our school. The children loved having Elle here and she was a fantastic helper to us. Thank you Elle!

  Fun outside!


We are interested in looking at books.






 We love our new hide, looking for wild animals!


Wednesday 25th April

All nursery children have a promotional leaflet and joining forms for the library in their tray. Please complete these if you would like your child to join the library. Return to nursery by Friday 4th May and we will send the completed forms to Loch Leven Community Library as a group.

Thank you.


Monday 23rd April


UPDATE ON PARENTS GROUP - We have had to delay the start of the Parents group. We've not been able to secure the crèche provision as yet, but hope to hear in the next few days when this will be authorised. Thank you for your patience.


Friday 20th April


What a busy week it's been in nursery! We have been working 1:1 with the children to assess their progress in numeracy and literacy; to enable us to record this as accurately as possible when we write the annual school reports. It's a pleasure to tell you all the children have worked so hard and this will be evident when you read your child's report in June.

The weather has been lovely most of the week and it's been good to enjoy some sunshine. As the weather (hopefully) improves we will need to think about suncream. If you would like to provide your own suncream please label a bottle and put it in your child's tray. Otherwise we will use the nursery suncream, which is hypoallergenic.   

The big wooden blocks are being used extremely well in nursery. The children have been making houses, ramps and towers. By adding fabric sheets and other loose parts they are able to be creative and imaginative. Other popular areas are the cars, garage and Bob the Builder vehicles. We add items as the children ask for them and suggest resources which may enhance play experiences.    Miss Good is currently working towards a Masters Degree and as part of her course she has to develop an area within nursery. She has chosen the writing area and is busy discussing how to improve it with the children. Already the children have given her ideas to develop the area and we will support Miss Good with this as she is only in once a week.

The Parents Group will hopefully start on Tuesday 24th April, 11am to 12 noon. We are waiting on confirmation from the Care Inspectorate and Playstart about provision of a crèche, if this doesn't happen by Monday we will need to postpone the group for a week. We have asked, if possible, the crèche is provided within our nursery to ensure a more nurturing and inclusive environment for the children and staff. At present there are only 3 children for crèche and we all agree it would be better for them to be in nursery with the other children. There will be two Playstart staff, both fully qualified and registered with the SSSC. Fingers crossed this is approved on Monday. If not we will let you know asap.

We are going to send out the questionnaire by email next week as there haven't been many responses to date. Please complete this as we really value your thoughts.

Story of the week: Little Roo and the Big Wide World by Guido Van Genechten

I Can... recognise familiar letters and words

Developmental Milestone Focus: Speech and Language


Monday 16th April


Hope you all had a lovely spring holiday and are looking forward to getting back into the nursery and school routine again! This week we welcome new children into nursery and plan to ease everyone back into the routines gently. We are also going to be thinking about a topic for this term to enhance children's knowledge and understanding. We will discuss this with the children throughout the week and let you know what their decision is. This could go anywhere!!

A reminder that snack money is outstanding for last term for quite a few people. Staff will mention discreetly to those affected. The £1 for snack to purchase food is compulsory, the £1 for fund is voluntary. This term snack/fund is £22 for 11 weeks or £2 a week.

If anyone has any car number plates they don't need (you never know what's lurking around sheds and garages!) we'd love to have them for our garden. They would support number and letter recognition outdoors.

If you haven't already completed the nursery questionnaire can you please do so this week. Scroll down this page a little and you will find it. Much appreciated.


Story of the week: Mabel and Me by Mark Sperring and Sarah Warburton

I Can.... be a good friend

Developmental milestone focus: Emotional Development





Thursday 28th March

Today the nursery children participated in the School's Big Tidy. Everyone helped to weed, dig, sweep, move or tidy the nursery garden. The older school children were very busy making the outdoors areas look fabulous again. Well done to all involved, the gardens and play areas look so much better.

We have moved resources around in nursery to provide the children with opportunities to further extend their learning. We consulted with the children and one of the items they chose were the big wooden blocks. We have only put the blocks in so far and will observe how these are used; waiting for the children to suggest further resources they would like.

There are quite a few outstanding snack payments this term. Obviously it's likely too late now to get any more money in but we will ask you to check this in the new term. Snack £1 is compulsory but the fund £1 is at your discretion. Once we switch to ParentPay in August it will hopefully be easier for you to make payments online.



Friday 23rd March

The children completed the final day of the Sport Relief challenge today. Yesterday was our "boogie" walk but we were too busy with other things we forgot! But today we played with the balls outside and achieved our sticker. Well done to everyone for taking part.

Calum, Eliza and Jack got certificates at the school assembly today for being "wonderful writers" Some weeks we will go to assembly as a whole class and others we will take only a few children. It can be quite daunting for younger children to go to assembly and by joining in occasionally their confidence will grow. All good preparation for school.

The Parent group will start on Tuesday 24th April 11am to 12 noon. This will be an opportunity to chat with other parents/carers in a relaxed setting. More details after the Easter break. Mrs Thomson will run this group and looks forward to welcoming you.

We plan to have an Easter Bunny hunt on Thursday 29th March. The children will be looking for a small Lindt chocolate bunny each. We will do our best to ensure the chocolate is sent home with them for you to decide when they can eat it! Chocolate is a treat and if you would prefer your child wasn't given this please let us know and we can arrange for an alternative to be given.

Can we ask you to check you are up to date with snack money. We are almost at the end of term and are looking to reconcile our accounts. This part of the term the total for snack and fund is £12.

There are some story sacks yet to be handed in, we would ask you to return these as soon as possible.

Stay and Play this term has been really successful. Lots of families have joined us in nursery and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone. The transition to nursery will be fairly seamless for many of the children starting nursery in August thanks to this. There will be no Stay and Play until w/c 23rd April due to the school holidays.

Sadly, our joint Loose Parts open morning today wasn't successful. NOBODY came!! We prepared lots of areas for parents/carers to enjoy with their child but unfortunately it was not to be, we were all so disappointed.... If you would like to see the many opportunities your child is offered by using Loose Parts please speak to staff who will happily show you. There is a wall display detailing this subject as you enter nursery, on the left hand side.

Learning Journey Jotters will be sent home for you to look at. These are easily accessed now as they are in children's trays but we do require you to sign and date the jotter to say you have seen it.  

The annual nursery questionnaire is ready for you to access. We would encourage you to complete this by following the link below. Arngask is your child's nursery and we value all of your opinions. Thank you.

Story of the week: Hot Cross Bunny by M Christina Butler

I CAN... be aware of my emotions

Developmental Milestone Focus: Emotional Development



Wednesday 21st March

Today for Sport Relief we were hopping. Look how well we did this!



Tuesday 20th March


Today we skipped when taking part in our Sport Relief challenge!




 Monday 19th March



As part of the Sport Relief activity week we took part in the daily challenge - today we had to walk backwards!





 Friday 16th March

Jacob, Calum, Eliza, Monty and Thomas went to assembly today to hear about the plans for Sport Relief activities in school next week. They were then able to retell this to their nursery class. We're going to have fun trying these activities next week. Well done!

Thursday 15th March

We have been busy this week making daffodils for our Spring wall display, using scissors to cut out the flower shapes. We also cut out circles and rectangles to put in our jotters. We are going to continue practising using scissors to cut next week which will help to enhance our fine motor skills.

The children are going to be asked to draw a picture of themselves "This Is Me" using a black pen. This will give staff the opportunity to observe children's creative skills and their awareness of themselves. We will put these on display in nursery for a while and please feel free to come in for a look.

A gentle reminder that if children bring toys from home we ask that they leave them in their tray or bag please. Sometimes it's difficult for children to understand that they can't take personal toys from others therefore we appreciate your co-operation in this matter. However, after Easter we plan to incorporate "Show and Tell" into our week which will allow the children to bring items in and show them to their friends. More details later.

Our Number topic is going well. We have started a floorbook and hope to get this on display soon once everyone has had the opportunity to contribute. There are lots of number based activities set out in nursery and staff are encouraging children to further develop their skills and knowledge through these play activities.

Parent contact sessions are next week. There are still a few slots available if you think you would like to discuss your child's progress.

Can we remind you that snack/fund money is due. £2 per week or £12 for this term. We hope to switch to Parent Pay after the Easter break, more details once we get these. The plan for all PKC schools is to make them cash free and everything is paid online. This will be much easier and save staff handling cash.  

Story of the week: How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson & Kate Hindley

I CAN.... Draw a picture of myself

Developmental Milestone Focus: Fine motor skills 


Friday 9th March 2018


Next week we are starting a topic on "Numbers" We will do a mindmap to find out what the children already know about numbers and that will give us a clearer indication of activities we can introduce in order to extend and enhance their knowledge and understanding. We will create a floorbook to record all the children's learning and put this out on display for you to look at.

We are also promoting children's fine motor skills, in particular using scissors to cut safely. There will be opportunities for the children to practise cutting paper, not their hair!!

Mrs Thomson plans to start an informal Parents group after the Easter holidays. There will be a note sent home next week enquiring about interest in this. We would hope to provide additional staffing in nursery to care for additional younger children when the group is on and an idea of roughly how many extra children would allow us to make adequate provision. The group will run on a Tuesday morning 11am to 12noon in the staff room within the nursery building. Look out for a note in your child's tray.

If anyone has spare/old children's socks they can donate to our nursery changing box we would be very grateful. We go through lots especially during this wet weather.

Look out for the Parent contact times on our noticeboard next week. Slots will be available w/c 19th March. If you cannot make any of these please speak to staff who will happily arrange to meet you at a more convenient time.

Story of the week: Zoe and Beans - Pants on the Moon! by Chloe and Mick Inkpen

I CAN... Use scissors to cut safely

Developmental Milestone Focus: Fine motor skills


Wednesday 7th March

Robert and Thomas were busy at the workbench exploring a variety of woodwork resources.




Tuesday 6th March

What a lot of snow we've had in the past week! Hopefully that's the last of it now and we can look forward to Spring and a little more warmth. The daffodils and snowdrops in our garden are peeping through and we look forward to these blooming. However,the snow has given the children opportunities to build snowmen; being creative with loose parts resources available outside.

This week we are continuing to focus on listening to others. Due to school being closed most of last week we hardly touched on this outcome. The children are working hard to listen and are encouraging others to pay attention; being super role models.

Mother's Day is this  coming Sunday so look out for a special gift! The children have worked hard to create cards for you to treasure. It has been fun to listen to their thoughts of their mummies.

If you have any soap dispensers (similar to the carex/radox ones we currently use)  that you have finished with please hand into nursery. We can use them in our art area. We plan to fill them with paint and encourage the children to choose their own paint and give them the freedom to mix colours themselves in a pallet.

We are encouraging the children to be positive role models and support others to follow the Nursery rules and routines. Two children in the morning and one in the afternoon will wear yellow lanyards to identify them to others. Their role will be to promote positive behaviour and be a good friend to others. This will hopefully boost children's self esteem and give them additional leadership skills. The children are very excited at the prospect of this and we will further develop it through observation and discussion with the children.  

Miley, Moira and Calum made a snowman. They searched around our garden for loose parts to make the arms. Well done!




Thursday 1st March


 This week hasn't quite worked out the way we planned, so much snow!! We hope everyone is okay and the school being closed doesn't cause too many childcare issues. However, safety of all staff and families is our priority and given the severity of the situation it has been the correct decision to close.


At the beginning of this week we were focusing on listening to others; paying attention to instructions and following these. We played games at group times and the children were supported and encouraged to use their ears - give your ears a wiggle and we'll know you are listening!

Our gross motor skills were used effectively outdoors transporting our logs around the garden. The children create wonderful play activities together, using the logs and adding the tyres as props. Great fun.

Our home area has been changed and we now have babies and household items to play with. The babies are VERY popular and the children are enjoying looking after the babies; it's lovely to see the children showing their caring natures.

Sadly we've only been in 2 days this week so far but as soon as we are back we'll put some photos online for you to look at. Keep checking the PKC website and Twitter for up to date information on school closures.

Hopefully we'll be back soon!


W/C 26th February 2018 

Last week in Nursery was very busy with lots of visitors and activities; the children have enjoyed meeting new people and making them welcome. This coming week is similar with our teaching students joining us again for some Nursery experience. It's good for students to see how much work goes into creating a positive nursery environment which helps prepare children for the transition to school.

You will have noticed we are using the red waterproof suits to help ensure your child stays cleaner when we are outside, especially when they are playing in the muddy area. The children have already learned that they need to put on a suit to protect their clothing, hopefully saving you doing as much washing!

Stay and Play sessions continue to be popular, Tuesday's 1 - 2pm and Thursday's 9 - 10am.

We now have "Together Time" four mornings a week with Primary 1/2. The first 30 minutes each morning are spent with P1/2 and there is free flow between the classes. This aids children's transition to school, making the move a lot easier and less stressful. We encourage all the children to play together and the older children enjoy the responsibility of supporting their younger friends which is lovely to see.

This week sees changes to staff working patterns. Mrs Thomson returns to her full time post and Mrs Farrow will continue to work mornings in Nursery and will work at Kinross Primary School in the afternoon. We are sure this will not have any impact on the children's Nursery experience.

On Monday 26th February we celebrate Miley's 5th birthday and will enjoy cake!

Our plan is to further develop this page by adding photos of the children at play during the week and have more of a rolling news than weekly newsletter. This way you will hear about the fun in nursery as it happens. If you have any thoughts and ideas on the things you would like us to add please let us know.

Story of the week: Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

I CAN... Listen

Developmental Milestone Focus: Speech and Language

W/C 19th February 2018

Welcome back after the half term - we hope you enjoyed the break. All being well you should be reading this on the nursery page of the school website! We plan to develop this page over the next term to ensure we are giving you the information and news that keeps you up to date with what is happening in Nursery. You will see we have included our new monthly snack menu, shown below this news. These are all favourites which the children have chosen over the part terms. As you know we like to celebrate children's birthday's with a small cake, and therefore on birthdays a change to the snack menu will reflect this. We will keep you informed by writing it on the Nursery whiteboard - but we are sure the children will tell you too!

Last week we began to explore the festival of Chinese New Year and the children enjoyed a special Chinese snack. We will continue to learn more about this custom and help the children to celebrate it through music and dance. On Tuesday afternoon last week we went for a walk and found some beautiful snowdrops. We will continue to explore outside for signs of Spring. We are also aware that children can get very muddy as they play in the Nursery garden. We are in the process of ordering some more all-in-one suits which should help the children to stay cleaner. Alternatively, if you have an old shirt that can be worn over the top of outdoor clothes like an apron, we are happy to keep it here and put it in our laundry at regular intervals.

Snack money this term - £2 per week or £12 till the Easter holidays. Thank you.

Story of the week: All Join In by Quentin Blake

Developmental Milestone Focus: Gross Motor Skills

I Can... Express my thoughts and feelings through dance


Nursery Snack Menu


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Week 1

19/02, 19/03


Pom Bears







Fruity Friday

Week 2

26/02, 26/03

Crusty Bread

Rice Cakes




Crackers and Cheese

Malt Loaf


Fruity Friday

Week 3





Vegetables and Dip



Crackers and Cheese

Naan Bread

Fruity Friday

Week 4



Potato Scones

Pom Bears



Malt Loaf


Rice Cakes

Fruity Friday



Having fun in the snow!


Sadie's Mum and Dad brought her new baby brother Eamon into Nursery.




             World Book Day                        looking for signs of Spring             Exploring the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff  and learning about sizes and sequencing the story,



 Nursery Questionnaire

Please click on the link below to complete the Nursery questionnaire.

 Thank you


 In our Nursery we strive to provide a vibrant, stimulating, secure and safe environment  where each child is given the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, physically and educationally. 


  Children learn through play, by trying, by being challenged, being encouraged and supported, by rewarding and
  celebrating their every success.  Each child is treated as an equal individual, respected and valued.

 We want children to develop the confidence to explore and enquire, to try something new, to ask questions and to look for answers, and to apply their learning to find out even more.


Children are encouraged to respect and care not only for themselves, but for each other, for their nursery and their
environment, and for the wider community.

We work  to the principles of GIRFEC – Getting it Right for Every Child. 

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