Survey Results When Suits You Best?

When Suits You Best

Many thanks to the parents who completed the online survey. The collated responses are as follows:

1.      To help us involve parents more in the life of our school which day suits you best for attending for school events?


Monday 14%   Tuesday 11%    Wednesday 3%    Thursday 18% Friday 25%  No preference 29%


2.      What time suits you best?


3.30-4.30pm 48%       4.30-5.30pm 10%       6.30-7.30pm 42%

3.      Our Open Afternoons take place between 2-4pm. and our Open Mornings from 9-10.15am.  Which time suits you best?


mornings 14%       afternoons 54%       no preference 32%



4.      Drop in sessions have taken place on a variety of days/times with the opportunity to talk to the Headteacher and the Support for Learning Teacher.   Which day of the week suits you best for attending our Drop in sessions?

Monday 11%   Tuesday 11%    Wednesday 0%    Thursday 14%      Friday 28%   No preference 36%


5.      What time suits you best for attending our Drop in Sessions?

3.30-4.30pm 48%        4.30-5.30pm 10%    5.30-6.30pm 14%    6.30-7.30pm 28%



  1. Parents and Friends of Arngask meetings are held on Mondays, four times during the school year.  Which day suits you best to attend?

Monday 14%   Tuesday 7%    Wednesday 0%    Thursday 11%   Friday 11%   No preference 57%


7.      What would be your preferred start time for the Parents and Friends of Arngask meetings?

3.30pm 15%   4pm 0%    4.30pm 4%    5pm 4%   5.30pm 11%   6pm   26% 6.30pm 40%  


From this data we will arrange school events on days and times that will increase your participation.