Rookie Rockstars Workshops

Musicians from Rookie Rockstars will be in school from Monday 12 March to 15 March working with all pupils. The programme aims to give children a unique learning experience, through which they will learn valuable lessons about anti-bullying, confidence, respect, self-esteem, and positive friendships. The lyrics of the songs are written with these values in mind, and teaching sessions are interactive.


Through the songs:

ü  Pupils learn about positive values together as a whole school group which promotes a positive ethos throughout the whole school.

ü  Positive friendships are encouraged - maintaining and repairing friendships is discussed

ü  Pupils are encouraged to recognise and value the fact that each person is unique and has different talents and abilities.

ü  Pupils are encouraged to work hard to achieve their goals and to persevere in difficult situations.


To showcase this learning we will be having a performance of the songs in the village hall on Tuesday 20th March from 6.30-7.30pm.  Tickets cost £5 and will go on sale from 12 March.  More information about the concert to follow.