Reviewing Our End of Year Report

When it comes to writing your child’s school report at the end of the school year, we want to make sure that we are giving you the information that you require. Please take 5 minutes to answer this short survey in order to help us get the format and content of your child’s report right.

It may be that you are happy with the current format, or that you are a new parent to the school who has never received an end of year report before. Whatever your viewpoint and whatever your experience in the matter, you can still have your say by answering the relevant questions

Please click here to view the draft report :  Draft report  then answer the following questions.

Copy the questions below,  add it to an email and sent it to


1.Compared with the current format, do you prefer the format of the draft report?     Yes          No

Comment why




2,  Please suggest ways in which the format of our end of year reports could be improved

(mark with a X all that apply).

              None - I am happy with the content of the draft format



             More concise

             Less teacher jargon

             More individualized comments, personal to my child

             More information about the strengths and weaknesses of my child    

             Clearer information about how I can support my child at home          

3. Do you have any further comments you wish to make about the format and content of your child's end of year report?







Thank you